What Exactly is a Reprographic Pro??

Repro what????

Because my Twitter address is @Reprographicpro I get asked this often and believe it or not, I really like that because it gives me a chance to explain what I do.

Rather than bore you with a list of the fancy printing stuff my company, PR Omni Digital, can do, here’s a list of things I can’t do:

1. I can not fax your shoe. Yes, someone really asked for this once.

2. Although it is possible for me to print a double-sided transparency, I don’t recomend it for obvious reasons

3. I can not xerox your hand written notes and have it come out as typed notes (although I can typeset your documents if you want it converted to a Word file)

4. I can not download the internet to a CD. Really. The CD isn’t quite big enough.

5. I can not illuminate your presentation. I can laminate it, though.

I can do some amazing things and many of them might save you a ton on printing and copying. Next time you need to print CD covers, have banners made, print a short run paperback books, need legal printing for court or trial boards or have a pressing need to scan thousands of paper files to electronic files, give me a call.

I’m your Reprgraphic Pro!

Angie Ryan



One response to “What Exactly is a Reprographic Pro??

  1. HA! This is funny stuff. Customers say the darndest things. But seriously, you really should be able to fit the internet on a CD. 😉

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