Apology and Holes

Molly Ivans has a quote I really like: ‘The rule of holes is: when you are in one, stop digging.”

This is soooo true!

Often we make mistakes. In fact, part of being driven and customer focused is that you move fast with a high sense of urgency. Customers need this. Work teams need this too.

The down side is you make mistakes. Even the best of us.

Chris Brogan wrote something I’ve been thinking of in his Trust Agents book:

The Three A’s of Apology:

A #1 – Acknowelge: admit you made a mistake

A#2 – Apologize: Say you are sorry. Don’t rationalize or editorialize it, just say “I’m sorry.”

A#3 – Act: do something to make things right.

This works – like I say to my kids, being honest is always the best way to dig your way out of a hole and often, if you display honesty and work hard to fix a problem, you’ll end up with lifelong customers simply because they trust you.

Give it a try!


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