#Follow Friday

It’s Follow Friday!

If you are a twitter user, follow me: @reprographicpro

Part of using twitter is learning how to network and a really useful twitter tradition (as if twitter is old enough for traditions) is recommending people you follow. Usually this comes across twitter as a tweet that looks like this:

#FF or #Follow Friday: @reprographicpro @showhomesthomas @debce

Who understands what that means? There is not any information as to why you should follow these people. Who are they? What do they do?

I’m going to follow a blogging best practice and list interesting people I think you should follow and explain who they are and why you should follow them every week.  Here are the #follow Friday follows for today:

@debce – Deb Evans is the CEO of Computer Explorers a franchise company that teaches computer skills to children. We are both learning how to blog together and I appreciate that she likes to beat up on her printer.

@oakwoodcleaners – Surendra Kumar because he runs a green dry cleaning business that is good for the environment and he sits next to me in church!

@thefutureofjazz – Chris Nochowicz  an amazing photographer based here in Nashville and his radio show The Future Of Jazz is on the air. 1 – 3 pm Central Time USA at 91.1 WRVU Nashville or streaming the globe at wrvu.org

Have a great Friday!


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