Graphic Design Tips for Designing Your Banner

Banners are great – they are low cost advertisements that can really get you noticed. At PR Omni Digital, we print banners often and here are some tips you should consider if you want to design your own banner:

1. Use software that handles full CMYK color output. If you want to know what CMYK is, check out this link. If you don’t know what CMYK is, email me for some help!  Software such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign are common.

2. Design your banner to be bold and simple – less is more! People only look at banners for a couple of seconds so it should have a very clear message and lots of visual impact. Think billboard.

3. Make sure your message is large enough to read! If you are designing  a banner for the outfield of a ball park, the letters need to be LARGE! Fine print does not apply here.

4. Design with contrast or bold colors  so it jumps out.

5. Make sure your photos and images are high enough resolution. A small .jpg image from the internet will not work on a 6 foot banner! Again, my advice is free and I’m charming to talk to, so ask if you are not sure.

6. Consider how you are going to hang your banner. I’m always amazed that people don’t consider this before ordering their banner. Do you need velcro? Grommets? plastic ties? If you talk to me, I’ll ask you this up front so you look great to your team.

Need a banner? Want some fabulous banner advice?

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Angie Ryan


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