Book Review: The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon

Ever worked with a complainer? Have someone on your team who is always negative, finding an endless stream of critical things to say?

Have you noticed how these people suck the life out of a business and take the fun out of work?

The No Complaining Rule On the plane today (I had a five hour flight from Oakland to Nashville) I read through Jon Gordon’s The No Complaining Rule. The short, 136 page book was easy to read on the plane and hit on some of my favorite points about working as a team.

As a rule, I avoid negative people and I work hard to be a solutions-oriented person at work and at home. I gravitate towards enthusiastic and positive people and like most people I avoid negative people like the plague.

Here are some points I learned from reading this book:

1. Complaining serves little purpose. It sucks the life out of company, is hurtful to those around you and kills both productivity and moral.

2. One negative person can create a miserable office environment for everyone else.

3. Complaining and negativie emotions are associated with:

  • decreased life span
  • fewer friends
  • increased risk of heart attack
  • more stress
  • less success

The book is worth a read for anyone who works with others or has a family. In other words, it should be manditory reading for anyone in your office or family!

The book focuses on positive thoughts and behavior as the key to eradicating negativity:

Start with yourself – you might be more of a complainer than you realize. Lead by example!

Try not to complain. At all.

If you can’t avoid a complaint or a negative statement, add a ‘but’ to the end and stack on two solutions.

Start your day with gratitude – be thankful for the things you have. If you are stuck in traffic, be thankful you have a nice car to drive.

Avoid saying ‘I have to…’ and replace it with “I get to….” Don’t say “I have to work late to finish this job.’ Say, ‘I GET TO finish this job!’

If you’ve read it, let me know by leaving a comment. I’m going to make my kids read it and buy some copies for my office. How about you?


5 responses to “Book Review: The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon

  1. You have convinced me this a must read. It appears to be a publication that I just might purchase and share with others!

    I like to start my day with an attitude check. Today I will work on the “no complaining rule”. Wish me luck!

  2. I was so impressed with your review that I posted it on twitter as my next must read. A follower referred me to Jon Gordon’s twitter ID @Jongordon11 and after reviewing his profile I followed and immediately signed up for his weekly newletter
    Thanks so much for sharing !!

  3. I like the sound of this. I have read some of his work in the past, I am going get this and read it and pass it on. Great Post.

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